Monday, October 4, 2010

Update on all things

The Quilt show was this weekend, my quilt is the green point sisters' choice. And the spools here. I heard people say nice things about them. I was nervous because my quilts aren't overly quilted art quilts. There are ones I actually use. I may try a more art type quilt in two years at the next show. My longarming skills will be even more improved by then!!

 At first I was intimidated my the quilting at this show, but then I was inspired. I met a lady who had an artist quilt her pieces from south east Michigan. I must meet her someday!
Here is the view of the ski slope outside the quilt show....
Here is a lake in the state forest on our nature drive yesterday.
Here are my sister's choice blocks, 6 inch paper pieced.
I need to get energized. I am tired because I had to work half days Saturday and Sunday at my day job, plus on call phone calls in the night. And since last Thurday this is what I have accomplished outside of my 40 hour plus work week:
-two hours of parent/teacher conference, all good
-ordered class ring for DS, very expensive
-sewed two quilt blocks
-drop off, pick up and attendance to quilt show
-shopping and wandering the Oktoberfest downtown
-made two quilt blocks
-quilted a table runner
-nature drives
-watched football
Hmmm, maybe I need to get a perspective. I keep feeling like I haven't done anything!!!


SarahVee said...

Love your Sister's Choice quilt. This is on my list of quilts to do - and soon! Your state forest photo is beautiful!

Susan said...

Seems to me that you have gotten many things accomplished. Perhaps just not what you really wanted to do.

scraphappy said...

What cute blocks. I made a Sister's Choice quilt last year, but it was a slightly different version and finished at 12 inches. Isn't it funny how one block can turn into so many different quilts?

Quilter Kathy said...

Love these blocks! Reminds me that I want to make a sister's choice quilt :) Love your quilts that were at the show.

Vivian said...

Isn't it amazing that we THINK we don't get much done but then when you list it out you realize that you've been moving like a whirling dervish!

The quilts in the show looked great and the sister's choice blocks do too. And all that done AND working full time? You have my admiration!