Friday, August 12, 2011


Tiffany glass at art museum

photo of the USS Wisconsin at the Nauticus museum

Ocean at Sand bridge

This week has been long because it is the first week back from vacation. It has been a week of cleaning, exercising and working. I didn't miss these things while on vacation!! The pictures above are more from my vacation.

Happy Campers

I have been working on my Happy Campers quilt. I have most of the blocks pieced. I hope to get a tutorial written up for this pattern over the weekend.

The air is getting cooler here. The garden produced it's first red tomato, beans and some peas. The cukes are little and the zucchinis are growing. We will have a nice harvest this year. With the cooler air, brings the sounds of football practice, the first signs of leaves changing and walking outside on off days from the gym.

Hotel from the beach, I see a quilt in here!

Yeah for Friday!


Brenda said...

ahhhhh, Fridays....... You are right, it's Friday!!! Your ocean picture makes me realize how much I miss the water..... Mine was a lake, but hey, I'll take the ocean!!
Glad your back from vacation... when do you get to go again????

Enjoy getting back to 'normal'!! And enjoy your Friday!

Cherie in St Louis said...

I'm so jealous of your visit to see Tiffany glass at the museum! Hope you had a fabulous time!