Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Highland Games

I want to share photos from last weekend's Highland Games in Kalamazoo, MI. I want to highlight each event in the upcoming posts. Highland Games are events of strength, skill and endurance. You must wear a kilt to participate.

These photos are of the first two events. The top photo is the Breamar stone. It is like a modern shot but however, your feet must stay still. The athlete has three throws and the best of the three is used to in the competition.

The second event is the Open Stone. The athlete may move feet, shuffle or spin. They have to stay behind the wooden board or "trig." Same as before, three throws and the best of three is used.

This is a full day. There are a total of 9 events in a competition that does a full games. To "count" in scoring, a games has to do a minimum of 5 events. This games did all 9.

Some festivals have dancing, music, vendors, Celtic heritage living history actors, booths and clan tents. I have fun at all of the festivals and I have had a great summer going to these. We have one more games in October and our season will be finished but in warmer climates it can go all year!!

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