Thursday, September 1, 2011

Simple Living Update

I strive to live simply and it is something I rate as a priority. What does this "simple living" mean to me? I think that it means living in an uncomplicated manner that leads to a more stress free existence. That is one of my top priorities that leads to happiness, peace and well being.

Uncomplicated living means different things to me at different times of my life. I don't shun the assistance of modern technology. I use a dishwasher and computer. I don't add unneccessary things to my life. If the activity doesn't fit in my goals then I don't do it. If it adds stress, I don't participate. If it has more of a cost than my stress level (or cash flow) will bear, I don't buy it. If it takes more energy than I have at that moment in life, I will think long and hard before participating.

I live within two miles of my job. I used to commute. I couldn't bear the one hour commute and expense several years ago. I was able to transfer to a local office and it was part of living simply. I come home at lunch to eat. It is cheaper, too! I enjoy the oasis of home midday. This is an example of choices that our family has made to achieve living simply. Another simple choice is, we recently purchased a fridge with a filtered water dispenser to avoid bottled water. Savings for us, less waste and more convienence for me!

Goals for this fall in this category: Paying off debt and living on a cash basis. I/We have a long term goal to be debt free. We have been following a plan from a Financial Peace University course that we took a couple of years ago and it has great advice. I just have to say it is a long term process, not a quick event. Living without debt, in a small home that is affordable by many standards and making wise purchases are all part of every day life. It is worth the discipline.

Thursdays will be my updates on simple living.

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Brenda said...

Good for you. We all have to find the peace that we need and sounds like you have a good handle on yours!!!