Thursday, September 8, 2011

Simple Living

Last update I spoke of keeping things uncomplicated as a cornerstone of simple living. I believe that is is the question I ask myself often when I find that  I scampering around trying to make things happen. Part of keeping things uncomplicated is frugal living. 

I spoke of my long term goal of debt free living. Part of this concept is living frugally. Do you remember the Tightwad Gazette from the 90's? It is a very inspirational book designed to spark creativity in living frugally. I come from a long line of frugal people and with modern convenience I found that I was wasting many resources. I don't do many things that are what I would consider over the top like splitting apart 2 ply toilet paper or Kleenex to achieve frugal living.

I do find that cooking frugally is an area that I need to work on. I do make my own laundry soap. I use dryer sheets more than once because they still have good use. I use microfiber dusting cloths and wash them. However, cooking is not my thing. I am looking for good ideas.

I have a bread maker and I have started to make my own bread. I keep meals pretty plain and boring...
I think that the best advice has come from my kids and I don't like doing it. Shop from a list. OK, this is the week I WILL do it. The next thing is buying ONLY WHAT I NEED not what I want/crave. Next, I am going to organize the few coupons I have. I only use coupons for the cheap items I normally buy. I don't over buy in bulk because I don't have storage and then we use it up faster. Not a way to save money for our family.

Any other frugal living tips for grocery shopping and meal planning? The prices are just too much.

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DonnaP said...

When my kids were little and home, I usually made a bit extra so there would be leftovers. That helped a lot, especially when we had a large freezer.
Leftover veggies were saved for soup.
When finding a good deal on hamburger meat, I usually bought as much as I could, froze some of it and cooked some with onion and peppers. That was usually the basis for most recipes we used.
Hope this helps.
Blessings, Donna