Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happiness Project

The happiness project it going strong here. Things that were goals at the beginning of the year-cleaning, organizing, exercise, are part of every day life.

This week I have been working on reaching out to others. Working on a sense of community.

One thing that has made me happy this week,  is finding out my daughter is looking for vintage Tupperware. I have several pieces that I am not using and I gathered it up. I called my friends and family. They are looking to share items that they don't use anymore. I think little things like this give me so much happiness because it is spontaneous and a small gesture that can have a big impact. I am going to keep finding ways to share.


LadyLiz said...

That vintage tupperware is awesome! I can't wait to use it. Seriously, that stuff was STURDY. Not like the crap that is out there today. Ziploc and glad ware just aren't cutting it anymore.

Brenda said...

'vintge' tupperware - I have a, what do you call it??! It is a small version of their bigger on, measuring 'cup' that has a pour spout, but it is also like a bowl - anyway - I got it from my mom YEARS! ago, and it is still going strong!! It hold 4 cups, but is perfect for so many things - and they do not make them anymore. Haven't for many years - and it is not showing showing any signs of wearing out!! My daugher is 20 this year, and I have had it longer than I have had her, and I have no idea when my mom bought it so....... Yup, 'old' tupperware (like alot of older things) were made to last, and they do!!

All I know is, if you have one of the plastic graters, they get sharper the more you use them!!! Adn they do not make these anymore either......!!