Monday, September 5, 2011

Design Wall Monday

First Jersey Quilt top, great hockey name, eh?
First quilt with freehand feathers!
Labor Day Fantasy Football Draft is ready to start!

 I won't belabor the captions but I am pretty excited about the free hand feathers. If you want to see more I have close ups on, the long arm site my Mom and I have. I have more quilts that we finished recently.

I am nearly finished with the jersey quilt and it is really quilt cool, if I do say so myself. I am going to attempt to lightly quilt it in the long arm!

And I spend Labor Day doing a Fantasy Football Draft for the UNFFL (Up North Fantasy Football League).It is a 10 team league comprised of family and friends. I took second place last year and I would like to win to get a TROPHY! I really am a football nut and love watching the games, while I quilt, of course! Hey, I have lost enough weight to wear my Lions to have to buy another one next year because it is too big is a goal of mine :) 


Denise :) said...

Wow! Love the Jersey quilt and your feathers are terrific -- nice work!! Have fun with your fantasy football draft! I love college football, so I completely understand. Congrats on the weight loss -- here, here to met goals! :)

Debbie said...

My son just asked me about doing a hockey jersey quilt for him...I flat out refused. I'm so glad he doesn't read blogs! Even though all his jerseys are washed I still can't get that memory of hockey stink out of my mind! "Savage" is an outstanding hockey name.

The freehand feather design came out great. I'm going to try a version of that on my next project.

Eden said...

Vicky I love that quilt you did the feathers on. Those colors and the pattern really work together. I looked close at the quilting and you did a great job on the quilting too, congrats