Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happiness Project and Tiny Tuesday

Starting something new and finishing things makes me feel accomplished and ultimately part of being happy. We need to have new and challenging things to keep our brains active and healthy. I need it to keep from being bored. I have started a brain training exercise game for fun. I want to work up to going through a review book for the ACT. I think I need to just have an academic refresher.

I started a new quilt. It is constructed differently from anything I have done before. The fabrics are different from any I have picked. I love it, after a slow start. My tiny Tuesdays are the small 5" blocks on the left. They were a challenge!

Finishing is important to me. I don't like things half done things piled up. I like to be able to have a clear "list of things to do." I have 8 quilt tops to finish of my own. I have three in the works. One customer quilt waiting to be quilted. I have a list going on all of that.

I work out on Wednesdays and I feel like I have finished a good thing every time I leave the gym. Definitely part of what I need for health and happiness. To work, so I can get to the after work fun things.

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Your blocks are looking really good. It is good to challenge yourself, learn new things and keep the brain active!!

Keep up the good work!!!