Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday already?

I am feeling better today because things are back to a normal schedule. Next Monday will throw things off again but until then I am feeling at home in the normal schedule. I was able to pin a quilt on the long arm frame yesterday with some help from my Mom. I worked out and I even played my voilin a bit. Things feel back in balance.

I had a funny experience yesterday, I have an old email that I had to reactivate. I checked it and found some email that I needed to respond to. It made things feel very comfortable, familiar and made me happy to find this familiar email. Weird. I am keeping the email because it has a purpose. I will check it more often now, it felt like the right thing to do.

I continue to work on my book project. I am in a the process of making samples of patterns. If I worked on it all day every day it would be done, but that would make me a bit nuts. So it is a slow process and I hope to have it all together this summer. That may be a bit ambitious.

Happy Thursday! I will be home this weekend being domestic as DS has all four wisdom teeth out tomorrow.

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