Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Design Wall and technology

These brighly colored stips were found deep in my closet. They were cut off strips from a brighy colored Sunshine and shadow quilt I made for my Daughter 4 years ago. Yes, spring cleaning pays off. I will make this quilt up and try to sell it in the fall. I had 41 squares. See the scrap pile in the corner? I salvaged the last block. I chose the layout on the strip set on the left. I think it will be called Awsome Bright string it is 36x42.  

Now a note about technology changes. I can't keep up. I have had several changes in the past week and the learning curve is huge. We replaced our old cell phones with the Droid smart phone. I needed a tutorial on how to run it. We changed our satellite to cable and new remote. I needed a tutorial on how to run it. The Cable change was bundeled to include internet and phone. Our wireless router cut the internet every time the phone rang. Need a new phone the 10 yr old phone had the same frequency as the router. I think I finally found something where I gave a tutorial. Yeah!!

 Now I need to learn new ring tones, push the right buttons and pay attention. I keep turning off my phone, turning the volume up instead of changing the channel and freaking out every time my phone speaks to me saying "Droid" just like in the commercial. Ok, where's that weird computer in 2010 space oddessy. I have too much technology at my fingertips these days and it is a little scary. :)


Kathie said...

wow you do have a lot to learn at once. We just got a new TV and I can't figure out that remote yet much less all you have to keep up with. good luck.

Quilter Kathy said...

OH my goodness I hate when that happens. When you need an encyclopedia to run a small gadget it's ridiculous....but seems to be the norm these days. Don't know why market pressures from the baby boomer crowds have not resulted in new easy to use products?!?

Gari said...

Love your string quilt.

I think my "old" brain just has too much stuff in there and that is why my climb up the learning curve is so much slower these days. but I keep climbing, so far.

Diane said...

that will be fun quilt-glad you found it back in that closet! Sometimes too much techno is very scary! I need tute's for those things too. My kids don't tho-they just start messing with the buttons and figure it out, I think maybe they were hardwired with that stuff in kindergarten!

Judy said...

I love the bright, happy blocks! I feel lucky just being able to make a call on my antique cell phone. I have a cheat sheet for all the remotes so I can play DVDs when I want to.

QuiltSwissy said...

LOL. I am like you, too much technology all at once!

Just quilt, that should calm your nerves!