Monday, May 24, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I have been getting alot of sewing done. I am making table runners and table toppers for a fall craft show. I really hope they sell. I was making tote bags and I gave some away. I am not sure how many of those I want to make. I am making some quilts to sell too. The longarm quilting I have completed will be up on Finished Stitches soon. I am getting a little nervous about the sale, the nagging question "what if no one buys anything?" is starting to set in. Hmm, get over it, right!!

I am working on this Snowball and Star Quilt, named Tennesee Waltz by Quilt in a day. This quilt is, hopefully, going to be done for the local quild's show in October. I am contemplating the benefits of joining. I am not sure I want to invest that much time. I feel guilty not being home in the evenings, I guess. But I am sure I am going to join this summer. What do you think the benefits for joining are?

It is hot here. It is going to get even hotter, 90 degrees! Hot for May. Our garden is nearly ready to plant, the boxes were filled with dirt yesterday and we were a little short. Back to the garden center. The seedlings are getting hardened up with wind exposure on the porch. I haven't done seeds before so I have to call my Dad and keep reading. My husband is too. Maybe we will have a photo opportunity for the plants soon.


Teaquilts said...

Vicki your start on the Tennessee Waltz quilt is beautiful. I've always wanted to make one; just too much going to make it happen.

There are many benefits to belonging to a guild. You will meet many wonderful quilters that share your passion; have opportunities to learn by attending side meetings, classes and lectures (especially when national speakers are scheduled); get to participate in community charity events; I could go on and on. Don't feel guilty for being away from home a few times a month. It's worth it and you'll appreciate home even more for having the experience.

Cherie said...

Vicki, I second Tea's comments on belonging to a guild. Some guilds are busier than others, some more structured, some more low key. My advice is to find the kind of guild that is a fit for you. One of the best parts of being a guild member is getting my quilting mojo jump started, oh, and the great friends you make :)

Quilter Kathy said...

I love belonging to a guild...I get so much support, friendship, adventure, and encouragement, not to mention creative inspiration! It's re-energizing for me!
Hope you find the same kind of experience with a local guild.

Diane said...

love the quilt blocks, it's going to be so pretty!