Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to reality after a Holiday weekend

This was a no sew weekend. I did knit a little on our road trip. We went to the Highland Festival and Games. Sampled some Highland sport, music, highland dancing, "so many pipes" , as in bagpipes, and the menfolk tried haggis. It was good they said. We all want a kilt.

I also want a Scottish RenFest costume. I think I am living my second child hood and it is so much fun. Renfest is in the late summer so I have time to make one. And lose more weight, I think that is my biggest incentive!!

Then Sunday we went to Bronner's Christmas store, the perfect place for a 90 degree day. We also went shopping in some outlet stores and I found my tortilla press!!

Yesterday, we went to the Old Mill Creek and watched the sawmill. They also have a zip line, rock climbing wall and swinging bridge. I did it, well, I climbed about 10 feet on the rock wall. I am just not strong enough. I also climbed to the top of a lookout tower that is about 50 feet in the air. Beautiful views.

Now back to reality. Hmmmm, vacation and fantasy was so much better.


Marcia said...

I love the pipes!!! Bagpipes that is... the tartens are wonderful. I have done the zip line but no rock wall; perhaps the rock wall next time. Sometimes we just need to take a sew break. I am in favor of having fun and doing new things. You did a good job! :-)

Laurie said...

So brave to do that climbing. I went on a zip line as an adult...no fun. I don't like the feeling that my arms are being ripped out of their sockets!