Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here is the sample hanging at the shop. It was a good feeling to see it hanging in there. I hope to be able to make another sample in the future. Maybe out of the Oxygen line. I really like that fabric too!!

I am back to working on stash busting and making things for the craft show in the fall. I have some charm packs that I am thinking about how I want to use them. No big inspiration yet but it will happen. I have a jelly roll, a layer cake and 2 turnovers too. Come on brain don't fail me now!! hmmm, nothing yet....

I am going to enjoy this dog day of summer. On the agenda work, to the gym after work, sew a tote bag and vacuum up all the threads off the carpet!! I have been looking through quilt books from the 1980's that a friend gave to me. Sometimes there is big inspiration in what was in vogue and make it work for today.

Hair was trimmed up and look more presentable. I will have to update my profile picture. When the bifocals arrive it will be an event of a photo to be sure!!

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Micki said...

That is a lovely quilt! It must have really been a hit!