Sunday, August 22, 2010

Peaches are in

So we went to our favorite orchard , Friske's, and picked up peaches, cherries and jam. They had a bbq lunch going so I indulged. Hmmm, good. I refrained from the cookies and pies. The sky was overcast but the temp was great for outdoor eating and shopping.

On our way home, we saw Charlevoix was having side walk sales. We wanted to stop and look at one or two stores as it was getting late. Parking was really hard to find so my dh turned the corner and grabbed the first space. In front of the quilt shop. Hmmm, I kinda thought it was ;). So I was able to buy a charm pack. I love that store. I talked to the long arm quilter and we talked of mutual friends we have. I must go back soon!!!


Mary-Kay said...

I just love their chocolate covered cherries.Yummy! And I see you went to my favourite quilt shop on earth, right on the last day of the shop hop. I hope you spent lots!

Vicki said...

no I just bought a charm pack because I didn't want to over do it!!! Were you in town? We will have to connect at a shop sometime.