Monday, January 17, 2011

Design Wall Monday and a makeover of sorts

I have made a few CWDQ blocks this week. They are small and time consuming but I am pleased with the progress, so far. This block is called Anxieties and it is not what the picture colorway is in the book. I had to re-sew most pieces twice and it caused me plenty of anxiety making it. I know the color mistakes won't be glaring in the overall quilt. Better to be done than perfect in this case!!

 I am going to set this quilt on point with sashing just like the Farmer's Wife quilt. Guess what my next quilt is going to be? Not Dear Jane as I originally thought but the Farmer's Wife. I may not try a Dear Jane or Nearly Insane, they are cool but not sure I want to do such tiny pieces. Not in 2011 any way!

Ok big risk time. Here is my new hairdo, fresh from the salon. See my profile pic for the before. I am tired of people thinking my DH is younger by 10 years and that I am 10 years older than my age, which happens to be his age too. :(  It isn't fair!! I am trying to buy better fitting and more up to date clothes too. The gym and dieting is paying off!

This was the weekend that DH ordered his kilt at Canterbury Village in Lake Orion, MI. He is so excited for the Highland Games. He is going to be in a few this summer for the first time and it should be tons of fun. We went to a wrestling tournament on Sat. Please note that in the above picture the smaller wrestler is my DS and was bumped up a weight class. I was a nervous wreck, the other guy is so big!! No injuries, so all went well.

I have MLK off so today is cleaning up the house and working on my organizing projects after the weekend away from home with wrestling, shopping and kilt ordering. I am getting a small amount of progress made, so I feel better about the whole thing. It definitely gets worse looking before it gets better. I have to watch the shows on TV about home make overs and the hoarders to remind myself of that truth.

Watch for upcoming decor changes, my goal for a weight loss reward that involves a tartan fabric, organization updates and if I can replicate my hair later this week. Sounds like a bad soap opera doesn't it!!


Brenda said...

I like the hair cut. Suits you! I'll have to look up Farmers Wife? Not sure what that one is.

Sue H said...

I've started the Farmer's Wife Sampler, and it's fun. Love the new 'do!

Karen S said...

Those blocks do look anxiety-producing!

My DS#1 was a wrestler -- I found it a very stressful sport -- for me!

Kate said...

I've considered making the Farmers Wife quilt too, but have too many projects going on to start something new.

Cherie in St Louis said...

The hair cut looks great and I think takes at least 10 years off ;)

Barb in Mi said...

Love the hair cut! Waiting to admire more of your changes. And congrats to your weight loss: that is awesome and must feel real good! As for Farmer's Wife - I got the book from the guild library. Love the blocks, but it seems excessive of printing one shape per sheet of paper (from the CD). That's 100 pages - maybe there is a newer version out there?

Alycia said...

Love the hair cut - very stylish.