Friday, January 21, 2011

I am on a roll, three more blocks done!

After the last two blocks in a previous post, I was ready for something to go right on the CWDQ blocks. This green star was great until the end, when I realized I had y-seams to contend with. I mean really, y-seams with today's technology in paper piecing and we have y-seams?? C'mon!!!! After a million attempts  and several hours invested to sew it, this is the results and I am living with it! Just don't examine it closely, OK?

Love this block, no surprises. My mom cleaned out her fabric stash and I was the recipient of the little scraps. Love it when I get new colors to add!

This is such a rich colored block but it doesn't photograph that way. My favorite. I am reading each Civil War Diary entry that goes with the block made and some are very sad. I am trying to counter the sadness with such happy fabrics. I guess I needed a reminder that it was War and families were torn apart. I think the Farmer's wife quilt will be more uplifting when I read the essay's for each block.

Happy Friday, it is cold and snowy and I am supposed to travel one hour in the weather for a meeting. We will see if they cancel it and the wrestling tournament that it 1 1/2 hours away this evening.

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