Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here is the products of my last couple of days worth of work on my sewing. I was reminded by fellow bloggers that Valentine's Day is soon. Thanks Tea Quilts! I started to think about a quilt I made for such an occasion. I realized I haven't bound it yet. I have to whip stitch the binding tonight and the picture of the finished product will be up tomorrow. I discovered I have a ton of edges to weave in from quilting it. It was one of my first attempts on the long arm.

I had a red faced moment last night. It was my son's big birthday. 16!!! We went to dinner, had the wait staff sing to him as is our family tradition on birthdays , then went home open gifts. He started to laugh when he opened his card. I thought it was funny until he said, "Mom you bought me the same card last year." Ooops, I liked it so much I bought it twice, I am turning into my grandmother. :)

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