Thursday, October 16, 2008

I took this picture and was really laughing when I realized that the rearview mirror was in it. OOPS! This is a photo from last weekend. The leaves are falling rapidly and the color fading. The Halloween look will be on the leafless trees soon.
Work is busy. DS finished his last football game this week. Only 2 more varsity games we will attend. The weather too warm to quilt but the knit tote is making big time progress.
I am in an ornament exchange at Hand Dids and I can't decide what to make. How big is an ornament anyway? What color, what shape etc. Too many decisions. I need to think more. I think stockings, mittens or snowmen are nice shapes. GRRR. I fear that it will be stupid and then I question why did I sign up. I do that every time I do an exchange, no confidence. Once I get over that it is alot of fun.
I really need to get doing something creative, I think I have a crafting block going on.

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LadyLiz said...

I'm telling you... the toilet paper roll moose is the way to go... ;)