Thursday, October 2, 2008

Too bad it isn't Friday yet

I feel like it has been a week of Mondays and I can't wait for the weekend. I have lots to do at work so a nice relaxing weekend will be a nice reward.

I am averaging a new Road to the Whitehouse block being sewn every other day. I have 15 total now and I believe I need to have 36 for a 6x6 quilt. Sigh, so I am not even halfway there yet.

We had to turn the furnace on last night and it never was above 50 today. I like the cool weather. The weather is hastening the peak of the leaves. I plan to go for a ride for pictures this weekend. We may go for more apples.


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Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

Hi Vicki,
Thanks for visiting my Basketmaster Weavings blog. Sorry, but I haven't figured how to e-mail you back directly yet. Things are coming along for the craft show that I have the second weekend in Nov. Lots of little things to do with it yet but I believe I have plenty of baskts to sell and show. I'm just hopeing to get some students to teach through the show. I bet the heart basket you wove looked great. You'll have to post a picture.