Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sometimes a miracle happens

Or subtitled, Apple makes a great product. The I pod charged up and worked today. The question is will it hold a charge. My son talked to some kid at school who said he washed his i pod but it will play. I didn't believe it was possible. But it was. Now to see if it will hold a charge. He is so happy.

We went to a large town near us called TC. We went to the music store, Best buy, the mall, Target, Joann Fabric and Olive Garden. I purchased a thumb drive, a pvc quilting frame because mine had one clamp break. I have a small one and the three sided one and since Joann's sent me a 50% off coupon, I had to buy it. I did buy 2 fat quarter's too as they were 99 cents and a large skein of wool yarn in neutral. I know I am supposed to be stashbusting but I think after no buying for so long.... I need neutrals to finish my scrap quilts!!

It was a nice drive over and a nice day with the family. We even played video games for a minute at Game Stop, ugh I was motion sick with Guitar Hero. Guess what I won't be doing.
Nearly finished with my tote. I have an idea to knit a neutral cable embellished tote next and small gift bag sized purses. See link above.

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