Monday, October 6, 2008

It's October already

And the leaves are just starting to change. We went back and picked apples Sat. 47 pounds worth for me and my friend. Yum.
After a few hours of tech support, DH got our wireless router working!! So I am using the laptop to post this online ! Yeah technology.

Boo technology too. I live in a 100 year old house. It didn't have indoor plumbing originally. Sooo, the current plumbing system doesn't support all the use in the kitchen sink with a dishwasher. We need to redo the plumbing someday. Interpret, when we have the cash. I went 4 days last week without the sink. So Saturday I assisted my husband in augering the line. Peeewwww, I take my hat off to plumbers. If we could have afforded to call one ,believe me we would have.I have been washing dishes like a madwoman. So old technology once again needs to be updated to support modern living.

I am knitting a tote and I have progressed to the sides. I was sewing blocks for the RTWH exchange over the weekend. I wanted to do more today but the dog was bad and he was tearing up the house, my quilt fabric, food from the cupboard etc. and my quilt ruler was broken in all the fracas. He is like a 2 year old, if I have my attention on something else and everyone else is busy he starts to look for negative attention. So, I can't do anymore sewing until I replace it next payday. I needed more cotton thread anyway.

I signed up for an ornament exchange on the Yahoo group Hand-Dids and I am thinking hard on what to do for it. It is a primitives group so I am going to have to step outside of my usual crafts.

I am learning about blogger so watch for the new additions as I learn.

Does anyone do Heartstrings blocks and mail them? I emailed them and I am very interested.


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mamaspark said...

You must have found Mary Johnson's blog about Heartstrings. I have not sent blocks to them but have done many string quilts.