Monday, December 8, 2008

The decorations are up!

I had help with the tree and decorating. I think our efforts paid off. I know you may laugh at my tall skinny tree, but it is great. It has hundreds of branch tips to hang ornaments on. It is the perfect shape for my 100 year old house as all the rooms are tall and skinny. We put it out in the "front porch" which was totally enclosed many years ago. This room was chosed for visibility and protection from the dog. The blue lights are a new addition. My son wanted to add the blue, I like it because it reminds me of my Grandmother. She always had all blue lights.

There is a "picture window" still intact and I can enjoy the tree from my chair. We put lights in the living room and in the dark is my sofa with a Christmas quilt on it.

Here is my little village my sister painted for me. I love the little battery operated tealights. They are a great invention. She also made the snowman. Ahh, all this has helped my get into the spirit of Christmas and shake off the Sunday pm doldrums. (And work was horrible today.)

By the way, there is another 12 inches of snow in the forecast for the next two days. We need to shovel the roof soon, the weight gets to be too much. Sigh, I think it is going to be a long winter.

I completed the light handquilting for the Calendar quilt 1. I plan to give this to a friend for Christmas. I will work on the Sister's choice next. My problem is that is a flannel top and I had a hard time hand quilting the last flannel top I made. I may jump in and try to use my machine to quilt it. It would be the biggest project ever for my machine experience. Deep breath, I think I will take the plunge.


Dorothy said...

Hi Vicki,
The tree looks wonderful. I love the assortment of ornaments.
We haven't been getting too much snow, but freezing rain is in the forecast. Yuk!

LadyLiz said...

The new lay out is pretty cool. Can't wait to get up there and see the tree myself! :)