Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is Dexter. He should have been called Chewbacca. He is being a petulant child. He is spoiled and runs the show much of the time here. He gets his hair in my quilts, and eats my quilt blocks. I had to rescue a 4 patch posie from his jaws last time I was sewing. I let him outdoors. Upon returning in the house, he bolted to the sewing machine on the table and grabbed my block. Evidently, I had been spending to much time on the quilt. I was able to reach his collar and started to open his alligator like jaws when he started into doing the gator death roll. I had to carefully open up the jaws and retrieve my block from his gullet, ugh. I steamed it out so the block was ok. I have to keep everything out of his reach but he is getting better about letting me sew and do my craft thing. If I'm not telling stories about what a challange it is to live with this dog, I am spending lots of time enjoying his companionship.

Just working on prepping the quilt for a border. I have been knitting on my tote bag. I have been really getting into using wool felt for projects. I have many ideas for it's uses since the ornie exchange. Hmm, another project, another media. Yeah for craft stores and free patterns on the internet!!

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Angela said...

Sounds like me and Toby. Love him when he is good! LOL On the other days I would trade him for a half eaten cookie.