Sunday, December 21, 2008

I have been snuggled down in the house this afternoon,brrr it's cold and snowy here. We are just enjoying relaxing and watching TV. DD and her DH made it from college and they had some bad weather but all ended well when they got here. Long drive from Texas to Michigan on a good day but especially in December.

I played bass in the Youth Orchestra's concert to fill in for a vacationing bassist. After the kids played, the opera "Ahmal and the night visitors" was performed. I loved it and the males tolerated it. I am in a minority around here. I borrowed the image from the net so the date is wrong.

I have been working on the calendar quilt. It is ready to bind. I have also been knitting on the white bag. I haven't made a lot of progress but that is ok. I have decided that I am not overdoing it and making my hands hurt and getting stressed about completing on a self imposed deadline.

I am on vacation all next week. I am only working 2 days the next week so I have lots of creative time. Lets see cookies, quilting, knitting, crafting...and most of all RELAXING.

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