Saturday, December 13, 2008

No crafting today, just a public service announcement

I helped one of my husband's relatives move today. Remind me when the spring is here-- and we have extra garbage pick up-- of this day. I need to clean out my closets. I have my stashes of items that I am not ready to part with. But, if I were perfect I would have Kristen Cunningham stop by to organize me.

That being said:

I had the worst 2 days of my life this year moving relatives, today being one of them. It isn't the moving that was the problem, it was the junk and filth that we had to wade through to find the items being moved. I don't understand how people live like that but they do and if they are older , stubborn, refusing help and occasionally sick... enough said.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: clean up after yourself! Throw out anything that is not useful, expired or broken. Disinfection of our homes, persons and items is manadory for the sake of other human beings! Don't put off these project and leave them for your relatives to come and do it for you. It isn't fair to anyone.

Sigh, after a long and stressful day, I showered and washed twice. Now I pray that I don't get a strange and incurable disease. Good thing I am already on antibiotics for a sinus infection.


LadyLiz said...

Wow, was it that bad?

How is the new apartment?

Angela said...

Oh honey. It sounds bad. But hopefully it is over for you.