Friday, July 3, 2009

I learned a lot today

I go to my local quilt shop often. I asked the shop owner about her featherweight during a demo, because my Husquavarna Lilly machine, isn't sewing well. She said to bring it in as she is very familiar with this type of machine. In 1 minute of her looking at my machine, she figured out why it won't sew a straight line. I had the bobbin threaded wrong. OK, do you want to know how many quilts, crafts, curtains etc, etc etc, over that past couple of years I have sewed on this with it threaded wrong?!? I feel so foolish. I was winding the bobbin wrong but after a year or so I figured that out. She was kind enough to show me how to put on my walking foot. I don't think I was doing that right either. Good thing I didn't take to a repair shop. There are still nice folks out in the world.

Now that my machine is purring along well, I will share recent purchases. I really want to make the Civil War Diary quilt. I have the CD and with the help of my quilt shop I also figured out how to print off the paper piecing patterns. I am dreaming about the other two quilts in the books pictured. I need to hone my skills before trying them.

Ending the post on a bright note, here are photos of the Tea Roses in my garden and some pansies. I was pulling weeds this morning. Dh mowed. The yard looks nice. Now for some summer weather ,tomorrow? This last week it was only 60's and rainy. The week before 90's and humid . I decided I didn't care how cold it was, I wore shorts today.


Micki said...

I have a wonderful 1953 221 Featherweight, and I love it. Don't forget to clean it. It will sew like a dream!

Brenda said...

How big are the blk in the 'nearly insane' book!?!? You will have fun with all these projects - your not scared of a challenge are you??!! lol!! good for you!! And, if you are good at keeping track of things, and the colours are differnt for the projects - you can work on one quilt, while using peices of the other as leader/enders and work on them both at the same time!!! ;-)

I am glad you got the macine issues figured out - yes there are definitly realy great, nice people out there!! And I am so glad you found them and they helped you out!!!

Conni said...

Hooray for getting your machine figured out!! Have a great 4th of July celebration!