Friday, July 24, 2009

I should be embarassed, but I'm NOT....

-because my house is a dog haired filled paradise, complete with muddy footprints and all. I haven't done much cleaning except on an emergency basis, not much laundry either. Dishes were washed when needed.

-because I wear sandals all summer long and I have "Fred Flinstone Feet"

-because I spend more time making things than organizing my closets

-because I like to watch TV and not read

-because I would rather have some one else cook

-because I haven't ate a vegetable in 4 days

-because I find more time to be on the computer than exercise.


Maggie A said...
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Maggie A said...

Gee Vicki, I think you are writing my blog! But don't you enjoy every minute of it! And how lucky we are to be able to do this.

Jackie said...

No apologies required!

Sounds like you're having fun!

Angela said...

You forgot about how you havent worn a bra in a week too. LOL Oh I am sorry, that was me! LOLOL Teasing.