Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's here! new fridge is here, the delivery was several hours late. We have purchase several appliances from this store over the past 2 years and they are ALWAYS knocking on the door at 8am. We had an email saying we were first on the route and would be early. Nope, they ran the route backwards and my DH was angry. He had a full day. At noon they showed up while I was in the shower of course, because they called and said they would be 2 more hours.

It was a production, food out of the old, squeezing in the new-after doors were removed etc. To top it all off, we have the same delivery man. He was not nice the last 2 times he came. He would not install the appliance and was rude. We complained and said if he showed up with a bad attitude no sale!! He was very nice and helpful this time. Whew, I was nervous.

I love it. No more leaking fridge. Off to grocery shop.

Sunday stash report

Dad found a fabric stash at a yard sale and Mom and I divided it. Wow tons of preprinted panels, lots of Christmas and some patriotic fabrics. I have added yards to my stash. It was the find of the decade really!!

Sewing was nothing out either. I only purchased thread. Now I can bust the stash.


Angela said...

Oh woot for the new frig!!!!!! AND for a daddy who knows to snatch up fabric when he sees it! :o) Enjoy them alllllllllll!

Conni said...

What a beautiful new fridge!! I bet you stand in your kitchen and just admire it, huh!!! LOL!!! And congrats on the find of the century...what will you do with all of that fabric!!