Sunday, July 19, 2009

Needle case How to's

I did some research on the net to see how a needle case could be made. I wanted something practical and not over the top. Where a person could make the cases very special is in how you finish/embellish the cover.

2 -5x10" fabric cuts (one for the cover and one for liner)
1-4x5" rectangle of liner fabric for a little pocket
2'41/2 x 91/2 piece of wool felt for the pages
embellishments for the cover, make yo-yo's, used buttons and pearle cotton embroidery threads.

fusible interfacing to stiffen the cover

I fused the interfacing to the wrong side of the rectangle fabrics for the cover and lining.

I sewed a hem for the pocket for the top edge, you know the double folded kind so no raw edges are exposed.

Then I layered it cover and liner right sides together. Pin the pocket to the liner on one end. Be sure that it is Wrong side pocket to right side liner. Sew around edges leaving a gap to turn the case right side out. Press, sew you wool (pinked the edges) alond the midpoint on where the spine would be. Finish and embellish.

Hint if there is going to be embroidery or other embellishments that is very detailed you may want to do that first before you fuse the interfacing on.

Have fun

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