Monday, July 6, 2009

It was a grand 4th of July weekend

I did have time to quilt a table runner and work on 2 small blocks. I am starting some needle cases for an exchange. The yo-yo's are a few a day.

I decided to collect Wade Whimsies. I haven't collected anything but fabrics and yarns for a long time. I love miniatures! I have several nice collections-depression glass, tea cups, angels, cookies jars, Boyd's Bears and dolls, etc. Yes I am sure I have more of what people would call "collections".

Wade's are small and cute, perfect for my house. (BTW, I don't have all of my collections out on display. I rotate them periodically. The dog has kept my bears and dolls packed away. ) I bought my first one at an antique show on Lake Michigan this past weekend, Wee Willie Winkie. The pumpkin one I bought in some Red Rose Tea.

Here is a picture from the Break Wall on Lake Michigan, looking back on the harbor. This is about 45 miles from my house. A very pretty day this 4th of July.

The fireworks were very good in spite of a bad economy. People in general behaved well. There are always a few exceptions. Note the people with a FIRE behind their car. Click on photo to enlarge and look for the orange glow. PS these people drove through the farmers field to get to their primo viewing spot. Hmmm, cars+flammable gas+fire=genuine bad judgment, too much beer or both. Hey , anyone got a marshmallow? You really can't make this stuff up!

Sunday was an afternoon at the movie theater. Today was back to work. Now off to make progress on my needle cases.

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Micki said...

I am so glad that you had a lovely weekend. I was relaxing at home.