Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Civil War Diary Quilt

Today was the beginning of my Civil War Diary Quilt or CWDQ. My goal is to have it pieced in 2010. I love the 6" block size. I learned the basics of paper piecing in a pineapple class this fall. I was afraid to start but it went well. I also used EQ6 to assist me in organizing the blocks and print the patterns on the CD I bought last spring. I need to learn more with EQ6 but it is a learning curve. I am doing more each day using it. LOVE IT!!

I chose 2 easy blocks. I thought I would only get one done this week and I did 2 blocks this morning! 10-1 is the first block and 8-11 is the second block. I am proud of my fussy cut flag in the center of 10-1. Tomorrow I am going to try the block that is Chinese Coins. After I do each block I want to read the the diary entry in the book that inspired each block. Makes history more personal, doesn't it?

I also had to go to something easier so this afternoon I started another curved tote bag for my Mom. Then tomorrow, I am going to make one for me with the Texture magic I have left from my class. So both classes have paid off in learning things I have been using over and over again on my little vacation this week. I feel that I made a good investment. I need to check the class schedule for January to see what else I can learn at the quilt shop.

Next stop, the yarn shop!!

y lo

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Jackie said...

I love taking classes - it takes all the frustration out of learning something new! Your CWDQ blocks look great and the flag is perfect!