Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I wish everyday were as productive as this....

I am freezing cold. It was a high of about 20 degrees and I walked around the indoor hockey rink today. I have had cold feet since then!!

I have been sewing. I couldn't wait to show the photos. They turned out so cute. I decided the pockets were decorative and not useful, besides a pain to put on the bag. The polka dot one is for my daughter and the blue one is for my friend SP.
I had so much fun, I thought I need to make more. I have the rest of the week off. I think I may make one for EVERYONE, without pockets, thank you.
I am going to try to paper piece tomorrow. Wish me luck. I am not very confident about it.

This photo is the progress on my prayer shawl. I want to make another one of these too. Hmm, working really gets in the way of my fun!!

The last photo is for my daughter, see I put matching rings on the new shower curtain, looks so much better. Tomorrow I will try to get a photo of my flatironed hair. Very different from the big hair of days gone by.


LadyLiz said...

Haha. The shower curtain is much better! I thought you weren't going to post a picture of the bag until after I saw it IRL? I'm knitting another scarf. Just cast on last night, but the pattern looks similar to your prayer shawl. K2 P2.

Brenda said...

The bags are really sharp. Love them. I agree I think the pocket is just to small to make a difference. Cute though.