Monday, December 7, 2009

A few observations

While watching the wrestling tournament, I came up with a few observations. BTW, he did get a win in one match.
-I don't do well watching the matches without come handwork. I am too nervous!
-the more wintery it is outside the more weird I get about housework and needing everything done, I guess It is because I see it all the time
-I like Mom jean's fit better. I have some low riders with wide legs. They look good but are so uncomfortable. I have to adjust my fat all the time. Then I worry my butt is hanging out. Don't like it

-I can't straighten my hair at all but my hair is not always curly in an even pattern naturally, so I decided to grow my hair out so I can do a pony tail

Enough observations for one day. I did sew the bindings and finished 2 quilts. The third is in progress. I have another to bind and 2 more to quilt, I believe.

The Victory quilt is a small wall hanging with 6" blocks. I like this quilt alot. I am going to make another with the fabric from the 40's that Elenor Burns has designed for it. The table runner is a 60 degree triangle pattern.

Off to take on the week.

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Brenda said...

I like your quilt too - And I know you will take on the week in a wounderful way!!