Monday, December 14, 2009

Fibber's Closet

As I was rummaging through the boxes and storage places yesterday, it occurred to me that my closet's are a wreck. Where I worked several years ago, we had a storage closet referred to as "Fibber's Closet." I have listened to old radio shows in my lifetime and Fibber McGee was broadcast on local radio stations on Sunday nights when I was first married. I was working in a little gas station that sold nothing but gas. The station was a relic from the 50's. On a Sunday town was very quiet in those days. So I was bored and listened. In recent years, I listened to Fibber on satellite radio on car trips.
Yes, poor Fibber has problems every time the closet is opened everything comes falling out. It is the stuff that is comedy classisc. Well, it isn't so funny when it is your closet. All of them!

So, after my wonderful mad dash to get some quilting done yesterday, I decided that I really should do something about my closets. Next year, I think.


Conni said...

LOL!!! Boy, can I relate!! But why worry about them now...I'm a procrastinator at heart!!

Jackie said...

I can related too! I generally clean out my closets several times a year but my linen closet (that is not filled with linens but other "stuff") has gotten so full I can't find a thing. I'll clean it out the week after Christmas. I can't stand it anymore!

LadyLiz said...

My closet is a mess... I can never find any clothes!

Micki said...

We can all relate, as closets seem to get disorganized quickly!