Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here is a quilt that my mother made the blocks and didn't care for it. I joined them together. She has another set of 15 in similar colors that she is joining together. It will be quilted and up for sale at the craft show. I like it and think it will sell first!

I went to my first meeting of the quilt guild. I think I will join. I want to get to know more quilters so I will start going to the sit and sew before the meeting. There are other times for sewing but it is when I work. Dang, job! They asked if mom and I were joining that night and I said, "joining at the first meeting is like kissing on the first date!" They all laughed. I am not a big joiner but I think I will even though it is a little stuffy for me!


Susan said...

Lovely quilt. It should sell right away. I still don't see why you didn't like those blocks. They looked fine to me.

Vicki said...

I don't know why Mom didn't like it either because if it doesn't sell to help pay for the longarm quilter I am going to KEEP IT!!!!!

Micki said...

It will be a lovely quilt. It is so nice that you put the blocks together. Good luck with your new guild. Hope it works out!