Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This turned out very well and it was a fun quilt to do. It looks just like the picture in the magazine that had the pattern and the kit was fun. I have always had a fear of kits because  I was concerned they would be short of fabric. This one was one large square short but to be safe I bought a few extra fat quarters when they were on sale. This will be fun to experiment on  when it is its turn on the long arm machine.

Wednesday is gym day. I am ready I have stalled out on my weight loss this week. I need to get a move on and watch those calories.

DS got his driver's permit yesterday. He drove me around for a half hour. He is a good driver. I have a feeling he will  be wanting to drive a ton this week. He drove DH around last night on errands. Gotta get the driving in while the weather is good so a kid has experience under their belt before the gales of November come.

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LadyLiz said...

I love that quilt! I like the colors in it a lot.