Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wow July 4th is here

We had a great time yesterday shopping. We found great deals at sidewalk sales. My husband needed something to wear as all of his clothes are too big after his 75 pound weight loss. My clothes are a little big so I was able to get a size smaller too. Yeah for healthy  living. BUT THEN We ate at a Polish restaurant for lunch. It was all home made and then a very nice steak for dinner. OK now back to really exercising and eating healthy today. Jokes were told, stories remembered and food shared.

I did buy 1 1/2 yard of fabric at a shop with 10,000 bolts of fabric. Really it did the billboard said so! Hm mm, I could go a little off the deep end there but I behaved!! I am trying to use up and buy only when I am going to use the fabrics.

I was given an opportunity to make a quilt as a sample for a new line of fabric at the local shop and I am so excited. Mom and I are going to make it all from start to finish and we get to keep it. We will need to make one Mom likes next time ;). More on that later. I have 2 weeks to get it done!!!!!!!

I am really feeling good about the long arm quilting and we are doing about 1 quilt a month and I see about 2 quilts a month coming our way. I have several stitches down and working on a vine and leaf, flowers and mod stippling. I know it will just explode with business soon and I am now really trying to learn all I can to prepare for that day.

So where are the pictures? I will be adding new ones daily this week. I promise!

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