Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1!

It is here already, November. I have been working on finishing items for the craft sale on Black Friday. So has Mom. We have 2 more dates for little sales this winter. I hope something sells.

Mom and I have been working hard on quilts. We have several that need to be done by Christmas and we have 5 left to do. I think we will have them all done by then. I have no pictures yet. Check in later this week for updated pics. I have quilted three small quilts in the past week!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. We went to church, ate out at La's( we haven't done that in weeks!) and then drove to Petoskey. No leaves on the trees but the day was sunny and lovely. We went to the Celtic store and the meat market. Mom went with us and it was a great family day. Ahhh, now to get ready for the week.

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Mary-Kay said...

Where's the craft show on Black Friday?