Thursday, February 10, 2011


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What a week for learning. I have taken away something new during each activity I have participated in. As wrestling draws close to the end of the season, I have learned quite a bit about this sport. I have witnessed the power of teamwork, rising above what you think your limits are, discipline and developing respect for others. I hope to apply this to my life as well. The influence on others just keeps rippling out like a drop falling into a pool of water. Here are a few more little items I have been made aware of this week:

I have learned about compassion, forgiveness and patience through all the people I have come in contact with.
I have learned that quilting lets me focus on the creative side of my brain while forcing me to disciple myself to one project and pattern at a time.

I have learned to laugh at my mistakes and move forward with a new knowledge of what to do next time.
I have learned that long arm quilting is something that I can do and it looked great!

I have learned that what is we are harboring on the inside will find it's way out one way or another so finding a positive way to express is best!

What have you learned this week?

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