Thursday, February 24, 2011


This has been an interesting week. I have only two little blocks to show for it so far. Why, because the second block has 65 pieces!!! I had to count them to figure out why it was taking me soooo long to do.

The long arm is up and running. We had to replace a part on the frame and now it runs smoother than ever with the new track! I am so pleased with my latest sampler quilt. I have been practicing several new stitches and feel my confidence growing each new quilt.

I have been practicing my violin more and my body doesn't rebel. It has been a long while,  since my thyroidectomy, to be able to play without discomfort. Love to play the Celtic trad music! I have also been brushing up on music theory for my student. It has been a while and is pushing my memory banks. Any good free websites out there?

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