Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Happiness Project

I have been working on several items in this project. I have been trying to clean up and organize which is an ongoing project. I did let some thing pile up this summer and it is slowly getting sorted and put away. I am working on finishing projects that I start. I am also picking up with all seriousness my diet and exercise program after gaining 10 pounds this summer. Funny how all of this ties together with a summer that was full of travel, fun and eating out-which is still part of the happiness project because having fun is essential to happiness.

The next thing I have been working on is keeping in contact with friends and family. I have felt a resurgence of an old part of myself. Feeling very shy. I have been trying to email and contact people but this has had minimal success. Phone calling is best I am finding. I have found that going to events also help. What a concept, you gotta get "out there." :) I have an initial response to invites of .... not sure... could be uncomfortable. Ok I am going!!

It is funny how something that you thought was so over, like my shyness, can keep coming back. Like a bad penny as my Grandma used  to say.

Just goes to show ya that there are always things to be working on around here!

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