Sunday, October 2, 2011

the smiles say it all~

a proud moment at the award ceremony
We had the last Highland Games of the year yesterday. It was cold in am but a pleasant October day with sun, laughs and competition. I had a wonderful time this season meeting some great people, watching a really interesting sport and travelling to new places. My husband won a sword for third place. I am so proud. He had a great season. I think he is currenlty rated in the top 100 in his age group!

I am spending today being a vegetable. OK, I am doing laundry and cleaning up. I already went to church and grocery shopped. Now, I am watching football and crying over my fantasy team not scoring points. I am rotting my brain on online games, blogs and Face book. Love it!! A perfect Sunday.

Today is an apple pie day and I have all the ingredients!

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LadyLiz said...

aww, way to go dad! :)