Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happiness Project

The focus of November is contentment and gratitude. I am content with the things I have. normally I am content with my career, my hobbies and the goals I have. In the fall, and as the holidays approach, I get a restlessness. A feeling of needing to be more prepared, to do more, to get more, to buy more. Hmmm, not at all a mindset of contentment or gratitude.

I am grateful for so much. I think it is important to remind myself of the basics. To not take for granted things like the food we buy and consume, the shelter we have, the relationships that we have and the work we do. I also try not to take the resources I have for granted.

Contentment is really about keeping the most important things in perspective. Then one can be grateful.


Jackie said...

Very true! This time of year gets hectic and we often forget to stop and just enjoy the moment. The moment that we're in!

Amy said...

Agreed. It is easy to get distracted with all of the craziness from the holidays.

Diane said...

Well said.
I have a little quote on a sticky note:
"Happiness is wanting what you have."
It just slayed me the first time I heard it (read it).
But it gets to the heart of so much... especially in this consumer culture of ours.