Friday, November 25, 2011

Simple Living

What is more simple than celebrating Thanksgiving. We chose a simple, yet traditional turkey, stuffing, mashed potates,home made bread, fresh green bean with bacon and onions and pies. Day was spent with family watching the Lions lose a football game to Green Bay.

To make the day a bit easier, I did buy a frozen pie. My parents made one from scratch. I bought gravy. My husband is head chef and I am an assistant. We did not make food to have left overs for days because it wasn't on the diet or necessary. To keep the day relaxed, we share tasks and sometimes get premade items. Like the pie and cubed bread.

I am celebrating the simple things this weekend. Not over buying for Christmas, not getting involved in the Black Friday frenzy at 5am. I have found my items on big sales already. I look around before making a purchase and I use coupons whenever possible. I do alot of on line shopping and try to get free shipping. That's simple and saves me tons. Gas to drive around is just too expensive.

Simple living tip for Black Friday is make sure it is really a sale and I go out really to be part of the energy of the people shopping later in the day. Not really for a "sale".

More simple living for the holidays in weeks to come.

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