Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Happiness Project

I am working on a Happiness Project, see sidebar for link, and 2011 was a year of resolutions. I worked on a new resolution each month. The winter months were organizing and cleaning. I continued my three or more times a week to the gym , 90% of the time! I also did daily devotionals and tried my hand at reaching out more to others. I studied virtues Ben Franklin listed, see last Wed. post. I reviewed the Biblical Fruits of the Spirit and overall decided I am a work in process   :). Resolutions became part of everyday living.

This next year is focusing on "pigeons of discontent, those every day ordinary problems that have settled into roost", quote from the Happiness Project blog. It is the opposite of the bluebird of happiness.  I have been thinking about what that would mean to me. I am content with meeting resolutions from last year and I am in maintenance mode for most mentioned above. So, I decided that one of the pigeons for me is dwelling on guilt. You can't be happy or content if you are constantly wallowing in guilt.

The drill for me was evident at Thanksgiving. I was so thankful for many things. But I felt guilty that I didn't work hard enough on the meal or decorations. I didn't bake for days and I didn't make everything from scratch. I think that perfectionism serves well in quilting, music, at work and in other areas of life but not in everyday conversations with self, hence the guilt of not measuring up. Hmmm, so what. It was a great meal, a fantastic day and it had me slightly distracted for a few minutes over what I had to be thankful for. NOT gonna do that at Christmas. Or any other day.

I am also continuing to address my weight loss journey. It kinda got stuck over the last few months and needs to get back on track. It is a pigeon.

I will have to come up with a plan before 2012.

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Brenda said...

You already have a plan.... I heard it in your post.
And it's a good one too!!
Merry Christmas with no stress or guilt - and make each day count!!