Thursday, December 1, 2011

Simple Living update

Over thinking or  why does my bathroom still smell?

I have been on a quest. You may not find it qualifies as a quest but it has become one to me. Maybe you would call it obsessing, ruminating or whatever. I choose to call it a quest.

I have an older home. It is really old, about 100 years old and the last bathroom remodel was in the 1980’s. It has tile around the fixtures that has no finish left on them. It is almond color and yes the toilet is an old fashioned high flow water flusher, but that is another story. It is the only bathroom in the house so it gets used a ton. Several showers a day, so it is damp often.

I clean it often. Weekly. Wipe up often in between. I have used several cleaners. Borax, Green clean by Clorox, bleach wipes and Mr Clean Erasers are all my weekly choices. I have tried changing shower curtain liners. I have washed the walls and every other surface I can think of. But it still smells. I think it that the surfaces in that room have absorbed the odors!

So, I took my husband’s advice and bought an air freshener. Simple solution.

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