Friday, December 9, 2011

Simple Living Christmas

quilted by me for Sue

How does one keep Christmas simple? It is so easy to over commit, over spend, over decorate and over eat.
I made a decision to not do any of that this year. Pretty simple, isn't it?

In the years past, I had a hard time saying no. I have already turned down several things.

  • No to a community concert because I am spending the time with my family and sports
  • No fretting about the food for two potlucks that I am participating in, not to mention the ones I have already said no to
  • No overspending, when the cash in my wallet is gone, so is the shopping
  • No overdecorating, I just put portions of the decorations out years and have a new "theme" yearly based on what I have. I need no more.
  • No to performing the the Christmas Eve service at church because I have no time to practice properly and sanely
  • No to eating out of obligation or excess. STOP when full and get no more until I am really, physically hungry
  • No eating out of stress or frustration

Those are my simple living survival tips. I heard Dave Ramsey say something yesterday on his show that really stuck with me. "Adults make a plan and stick to it. Children do what feels right. Are we choosing to be adults or children?"

Do you have any tips????

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Diane said...

Sounds like you have it figured out. This year when I decorated the tree I got rid of (donated) a ton of ornaments that weren't special or where just wore out (they got pitched) felt real good and the tree looks just as lovely as always.