Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happiness Project

I am a bit late on the Happiness Project update this week. Wrestling season has started and it keeps us busy. Last night DS had one match and won. His school won the meet. It was very close. And exciting and roller coaster ride all evening. Well, that is the nature of sports, isn't it? It always make me happy and proud to see our team's hard work and dedication pay off in a win. But it isn't the ultimate goal for me. The process of being part of something bigger than your self and a better person through sport is my goal.

I have been working on December's goal to dwell on the year's resolutions and to keep them as a part of life not as a new goal. I have also wanted to dwell on Christmas and the spiritual meaning of it. So I have decided to ponder the meaning and motivation I have for gift giving this week. It makes me very happy to do so. It can also make me sad because I want to do more than I can, every year.

Gift giving is a beautiful reminder of God's love for us. That is enough to keep in mind as I shop.

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