Saturday, December 10, 2011


Here is what I did today, in between the rounds at an all day wrestling tournament. Really it was all day, we had to get up at 5 and be to Bay City by 9 am. We weren't done till 4 then we ate dinner. We didn't get home until 830! It was a pretty good day for the team and for our son.

This project is tatted and going to be a bookmark.I tat using a shuttle.  It needs a crocheted tail and tassel yet. And the final ironing and starching. Tatting takes a long time to made a small project such as this and my great grandmother called it "fancy work." No wonder, because there really is not practical use for tatting. It is fragile and purely made for embellishments. But it is fun to do and the projects are pretty.

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Brenda said...

I have never done tatting and the first time I heard of it was in hight school - a girl in one of the home ec classes I was in, asked the teacher to show her how to do it, and the teacher taught her how!!!
It looks so pretty!! love the idea of a book mark - oh, maybe i should lean how to do this??!!
I like it. Sometimes it is nice to just sit back and do something for the fun of it!! I hope you had fun, because it looks great!!