Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tiny Tuesday

Three more Farmers Wife blocks done. The foundation papers are out of order so here they are by name
Top: Friendship
Bottom l to r: Friendship Block and Four Winds

I have been working on my Aunt's tree quilt and long arming customer quilts. I have been to wrestling tournaments. I made a 5 hour car ride one way to pick up a sick kid from a tournament Saturday. I cleaned and shopped like a mad woman yesterday.

Now, I hope to avoid the sickness. I did go to the gym tonight for balance. I have had to go to other offices and work twice in a week. All of the driving one hour to get there is really wearing me out. I am not a driver anymore. I am a bit worn out. Yawn.

Doesn't matter, Christmas is coming!!!


Diane said...

I really like the four winds block-my kind of colors~
I caught a cold and hopefully will be done with the hacking by this weekend (crossing fingers) hope you avoid the germs and have a Merry Christmas.

Jackie said...

I hope you avoid the sickness too! It certainly seems to be going around here. Staying stress free and balanced will certainly help!

Loving the FW blocks!

scraphappy said...

Beautiful blocks. Christmas will be here before you know it!